Between 2013 and 2014 the number of police officers killed in the line of duty doubled, and many civilians were injured and killed as well. While most routine traffic stops go without incident, far too many do not. Enter Blue Eyes: a camera-armed drone that fastens to the top of police vehicles, equipped with the ability to launch on command and record encounters from the air, providing an unbiased, third-party perspective designed to keep everyone—officers and suspects—safe, secure and accountable.


The drone is outfitted with a lightweight shell that serves as stealth wear specifically designed to thwart external signals. Meanwhile, as a hexacopter, it has increased resistance to the elements, allowing it to maintain control and stay stable in flight, while computer vision helps with control. Cameras on the drone—which could be infrared and/or heat vision (for example, FLIR) cams—capture footage while WiFi modules on the device and the landing pad make it possible to send video to both the car’s devices and a cloud server, which stores the video footage. Meanwhile, local storage space on the drone provides backup in the case that transmission fails. Blue Eyes is also equipped with a camera positioned on its underside to help it align to and land perfectly on the landing pad fixed to the back of car, where hooks snare and secure the drone. Conductive plates allow charge to pass from the car to the drone and keep the device alive until the vehicle reaches the station.

“While people may disagree about police enforcement methods and procedures and the extent to which technology can and should be used for law enforcement, everyone agrees that more information is always a good thing. Blue Eyes provides a literally objective overview of police and civilian engagement and allows the public—not lawyers—to decide what really happened.”

Ben Lamm, Chaotic Moon CEO


Dash cams, chest cams, a random passerby’s iPhone...none of these recording devices are capable of providing a completely clear and accurate account of what really occurred during a violent confrontation or a simple traffic stop. There’s never been a way to effectively document a police encounter—until now.

At the officer’s command, Blue Eyes takes flight. The drone is neither pro-cop nor pro-suspect, but pro-people, and captures the whole encounter objectively, hovering above the scene and capturing footage from an all-encompassing aerial perspective.

When a routine traffic stop takes a deadly turn, everyone has their own version of what happened. Blue Eyes captures what actually did happen.